What is the Best Foundation Repair Method for My Home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

What is the Best Foundation Repair Method for My Home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area?

Has the foundation under your home started to crack? Are you finding puddles of water seeping into the cracks of your basement? Your foundation is one of the single most important investments in your home.

When your foundation begins to show signs of distress, take a breath and look for professional foundation companies. A contractor who specializes in foundation repair will best be able to help you with your problems.

The service you receive will depend on the type of foundation you have and the extent of the damage. Keep reading to learn about five common types of foundation repair.

Single Press Concrete Pier Foundation Repair

Single press concrete pier foundation repair is one of the most common and least costly foundation repairs. This repair works most effectively for homes with no bedrock or soil dense enough for other methods to work.

This repair begins with a contractor digging access holes near the damaged parts of the foundation. Next, the contractor uses a hydraulic press to force concrete cylinders into the ground. The press will force these 6×12 inch cylinders in until they reach bedrock or until they can no longer tolerate the friction with the soil.

The contractor then raises the foundation of the home in several places and places a concrete cap and steel shims between the concrete piers and the foundation. They then lower the jack slowly and let the weight of the foundation rest on the piers all at once. A leveling technician will ensure the house is leveled at this point.

Then the crew fills the access holes and packs them down. Companies like FCS foundation repair specialize in foundation repair such as this one and complete it on a regular basis. So while it may sound extensive, it’s all in a day’s work for a good foundation repair company.

Double Wall Single Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Like with other foundation repairs, contractors begin by digging access holes intermittently near the damaged areas of the foundation.

The contractors then install the piers which consist of dual pipe set segments. These pipes create a stronger foundation because they are double-steel piers compared to the concrete piers mentioned before. They also come with a locking mechanism, providing a load-bearing capacity triple the size of the press concrete piers.

Steel piers can go much deeper than concrete piers as well because their pipe segments are smaller than concrete piers.

Next, the contractor lifts the foundation with hydraulic jacks and places it on the piers slowly. A leveling technician will ensure each pier supports the fraction of weight it needs to keep the house stable.

Then the crew will backfill the access holes. As with all foundation repair jobs, the crew foreman will make sure the sprinkler system and other key in-ground systems are functioning and not damaged in the process.

Single Drill Concrete Pier Foundation Repair

The single drill concrete pier foundation repair looks similar to the other foundation repairs. The crew begins by digging access holes at strategic points by the foundation.

Instead of concrete piers or double-wall steel piers, the crew uses a two-man auger to drill holes with a 10 to 12-inch diameter. The holes serve as a form for the new piers the crew will pour. They then lower a castle of rebar into the holes and pour the concrete to create the piers.

This method requires patience as you have to wait five to seven days for the concrete to cure. Once the concrete has cured, the crew will use a hydraulic jack to lift the foundation and level it on the new piers. They then backfill the area around the new foundation.

Pier and Beam Foundation System

Pier and beam foundations consist of a series of columns that support the weight of a beam. The weight of the beam rests evenly across the columns.

Thus, the foundation consists of piers made of poured concrete, cement blocks, stone, bricks, or wood. The beams that rest on the foundation consist of wood, steel, or concrete.

Over time the piers can break down. At this point, they need to either be replaced or repaired.

Most homes in the South consist of slab foundations for this very reason. Those that don’t will need a pier and beam foundation repair at some point because the wood will deteriorate.

To repair the pier and beam foundation, a contractor will use one of four different methods:

  • Reshimming the foundation
  • Rebuilding or adding pier stacks
  • Replacing wood
  • Adding underpinning to the beam

Any one of these tasks is a technical one that will take time. But foundation experts know what they’re doing and exactly how to approach pier and beam foundations.

Most pier and beam foundations exist in older homes. So if you’re looking for a foundation repair on your home built in the early 20th century, look for a foundation expert with experience in such homes.

Homes built before 1930 tend to settle, and their foundations will crack. Because the need for a foundation repair will vary, the foundation repair cost will vary as well. An expert in foundation repair should be able to give you a fair price to keep your historical home stable.

Seek a Stable Foundation Company

Regardless of the type of foundation repair you need, seek out an excellent foundation repair company. Look for a company with a long history of a variety of repairs. Ask for a portfolio of the work they’ve done including before and after pictures.

Ask about the company’s training as well as their expertise. Make sure you hire a company with proper credentials and also proper licensing and bonding. Then you can move forward confidently with your foundation repair.

Do you need a foundation repair? If so, contact us for a free consultation today. We would love to make your home stable once again.

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