Tips For Using Kegel Balls Like a Pro

Tips For Using Kegel Balls Like a Pro

Sex toys are, as the name suggests, to spend moments of fun and pleasure. But there are some toys that also bring you much more than that. This time we are talking about the Kegel balls, and you can find them in New Fine Arts .  

The Kegel balls are a different tool, because the first thing is to make it clear that they are not a tool to provide pleasure, at least not direct sexual pleasure. The vagina lacks nerve endings, except in its outermost part, so if they are in place, it is very rare that they produce pleasure at the moment.

How Do They Work?

Kegel Balls  are tools usually consisting of one or two balls joined by a cord, inside which is another smaller ball that bumps against the walls of the ball containing it when worn, walking, or moving. This vibration generates involuntary movements in your vaginal muscles, and, in this way, the pelvic floor and vaginal musculature will be naturally toned. In other words, the muscles work without you having to do anything.  

Who Can Use It?

The constant use of Chinese balls or Kegel Balls.  brings benefits to healthy adult women who use them, as they greatly help to improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, increase blood flow, and improve the natural lubrication of the vagina. Likewise, a toned and strengthened pelvic floor will help women who want to avoid urinary incontinence and in general for all women who want to improve their sexual health.

How To Choose The Right One?

To correctly choose Kegel balls, the weight and size you choose will depend on the level of pelvic floor training you have, as they must have a weight appropriate to the strength of your pelvic muscles. you can base your decision in general on these characteristics: size, weight, number of balls in the pack and materials used in its manufacture. There are many options on the market and we recommend that you visit one of the 3 New Fine Arts stores . You can start trying either with one or two balls, increasing the weight until you feel comfortable.

Additional Benefits

We already talked about Kegel balls will help  your sex life and they can also help in cases of incontinence but we want to emphasize that your orgasms  will be incredibly improved since your muscles will produce more contractions, and these will be longer lasting and more intense. So, you will feel much more pleasure! Also, with penetration, the muscles of the vagina will make more friction with the penis or sex toy you use, so there will be more contact and thus increase the sensations. And by the way, the balls allow a greater blood flow in the muscles and, consequently, the vagina lubricates more easily, and intercourse will be less painful and more pleasurable.

Now you know a little more about this great tool that you can find in adult stores  like New Fine Arts. We are waiting for you and feel free to contact us and ask questions about this or any other sex toy.

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