The Importance of Regular Tree Pruning for Maintaining Your Property

The Importance of Regular Tree Pruning for Maintaining Your Property

Trees are important and beautiful! Did you know it takes seven to eight adult trees to supply one person’s oxygen needs each year?

Trees also provide shade and many more benefits.

But trees also require work. Tree pruning service is one thing trees need. Pruning keeps trees healthy and safe and encourages growth.

While you can attempt this yourself, hiring it out is better.

Do your trees need some work? Here are six benefits of hiring a professional tree service company to handle the work.

1. It’s the Safe Approach

Tree pruning is one of the most vital services needed for trees. It’s the process of trimming the trees for health and safety purposes. While you can trim them yourself, it’s a risky process.

Dallas tree pruning services specialize in trimming, removing, and maintaining trees. They know what they’re doing. As a result, hiring experts is the safer approach.

Tree service companies have the right equipment to handle the job. They use trucks and lifts to access tall trees. They also wear safety equipment for safety purposes.

They won’t injure themselves or harm anything in your yard. When they trim branches, they’ll ensure they land on the ground.

Additionally, you won’t have to drag out a ladder to access the branches. Doing this can result in injuries. Let an expert handle this job, as it’s the safest approach.

2. They’re Experts

Tree service companies handle the work safely, but that’s not all. They’re also experts with trees.

They begin the job by evaluating your trees and yard. This evaluation serves several purposes:

  • Identify dead branches
  • Look for potential tree problems
  • Mark dead trees

The primary purpose is to create a plan. The plan guides them in their estimate and services.

For example, they’ll suggest removing dead trees and branches. They’ll suggest trimming the branches near power lines.

They may also suggest removing or trimming trees that pose risks of falling on your home.

Hiring a company that offers tree pruning services equals receiving professional work. They’ll offer professional advice, ideas, and options.

Next, they’ll provide a quote for services before beginning the job.

3. Your Trees Will Grow Better

Did you know hiring a tree pruning service in Dallas helps your trees become healthier? It’s true.

Pruning is a process that most trees need. If you have trees, they require pruning, but what does pruning do?

First, pruning involves trimming dead branches. Dead branches weigh down a tree and don’t grow. You won’t see buds, leaves, or anything else on dead branches.

Next, pruning involves trimming overgrown branches. Tree branches do not grow evenly all the time. Instead, some grow faster than others, requiring trimming for the overgrown ones.

Additionally, pruning removes branches that are growing in the wrong places. For example, you might have branches growing near power lines. If these fall, they can knock the power out.

When you prune your trees, it encourages them to grow. As a result, pruned trees are healthier trees. They’ll be less likely to die or fall over.

4. It Protects Your Things

Tree services also help you protect your things. This includes your house, cars, and other items in your yard.

When trees grow improperly or have dead branches, they pose risks. For example, consider a lopsided tree growing near your home. With strong enough winds, they might fall over, landing on your home.

In this case, you would need emergency tree services, which can be costly. However, you can prevent needing emergency services by hiring a company to handle your preventative maintenance.

The tree service company can remove trees or branches that pose risks. The result is a safer home and yard, with a decreased risk of damage occurring.

5. It Includes Cleanup Services

Consider the work required if you decide to handle the tree services yourself. First, you’ll need to gather all the right equipment, including a ladder and chainsaw.

Next, you’ll have to do all the work, which can take hours or days. Once you trim all the branches and trees, you might end up with tree stumps. Getting rid of tree stumps is nearly impossible without the right equipment.

Additionally, you’ll have a yard full of tree branches. What will you do with all the branches?

Professional companies can remove tree stumps, logs, and branches. They’ll load these into their truck and remove them from your property.

Your yard will be clean, and you won’t have to do the work. These companies sell the logs as firewood and turn branches into mulch.

By the time they complete your project and leave, your yard will look better than it did before they arrived.

6. They Can Handle All Your Tree Services

In addition to pruning trees, you might need other tree services. A tree company can handle these for you. Here are some of the services they can provide:

Tree Stump Removal

Tree companies aim to save trees, but this isn’t always possible. If they have to remove one, they’ll also remove the stump.

Leaving stumps is a hazard, as people can trip over them. You can also damage your lawn mower if you accidentally run over one. Therefore, you’ll want someone to remove them.

Tree Disease Treatment

Trees can experience diseases. If you notice signs of tree problems, hire a Dallas tree service company. They can diagnose the disease and treat it accordingly.

Tree Maintenance

Tree companies can also perform other types of maintenance. For example, you can hire them to fertilize your trees when needed. You can also hire them to plant new ones or perform other services your trees need.

Hire a Tree Pruning Service for Healthy Trees

Hiring a company that offers a tree pruning service is beneficial. It helps your trees stay healthy and protects your home and belongings. It also helps your trees grow properly.

Are you ready to hire a company to prune yours?

Our certified arborists can help! We offer consultations to answer your questions and evaluate your needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation with an expert arborist.

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