How to Rank Number One on Google on a Budget!

Google is, by far, the number one search engine people turn to when they’re looking for a particular product or service. With so many searches happening on the site every day, ranking on Google is necessary for your business. What could ranking number one on Google do for your company? Increased revenue? More meaningful work? Helping other people?

Believe it or not, ranking number one doesn’t have to break the bank; here’s how you can rank number one on Google on a budget!


Create a Google My Business Page

Google My Business is king when it comes to potential customers finding local businesses with the services or products they need. This free listing on Google allows you to update the business type, contact information, hours, and more. You can upload pictures, information about the location, your team, and other important questions potential customers may ask.

It’s vital to not only set up your Google My Business account but to continually update it so your business shows up in relevant searches. Setting up and maintaining your Google My Business listing is the most important action you can take to improve your business’s search rankings.


Get More Reviews Than Your Competitors

The truth is that Google trusts users more than it trusts you as a business, so it relies heavily on reviews when determining its rankings. A company with few or no reviews is essentially a gamblebut, if the business has more reviews that its competitors, it will rise to the top of the rankings.

By having more customer reviews, you can set your business apart from the rest.


Design a Stunning Website

With the increased reliance on Google for pertinent information about businesses, many think they can get away with not having a website. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, the need for a website is great.

Think about your website as the foundation upon which every other digital piece is built. Without a strong, mobile-ready, SEO-optimized, and fully functional site, you will have lower your chances of making your way to Google’s number one spot. Your website is vital, not only for Google to continue to send people your way, but for customers to find and continue to interact with your brand.


Identify The Best Keywords

There’s no way for you to rank number one on Google in every search performed, so it’s important to identify the top keywords associated with your business and focus on those.

Trying to rank for a word like “blogging” or “copywriting” or “web design” is going to be difficult as those are very generic keywords. By getting more specific with your keywords, you’ll decrease competition and will be connecting users who are looking for something specific that you provide.

The best way to find these longer keywords is going straight to the source: Google. Type your generic keyword into the search bar and pay attention to the suggested searches that pop up. These are the most common searches with that keyword, meaning users are actively looking for that information. These are the phrases you will want to use and the questions you want to answer on your site.


Write Evergreen Content and Optimize Your Site

The best way to include keywords and phrases on your site is through the use of a blog. If you look at some of the top competitors in your industry, they will likely have blog posts on their site that include some of those phrases you’ve identified. They have integrated the top searches into their blog, allowing their website to be more easily found by Google.

Creating quality content that is continually helping customers is a great way to be found by potential customers. By including common keywords in your headline, slug, and throughout the body of the text, you will be more likely to rank higher in that particular search. Get specific with these keyphrases while providing content that users will find valuable and shareable.


By creating and maintaining your Google My Business account, compiling reviews of satisfied customers, designing a stunning website with an up-to-date blog, and focusing on your business-specific keywords, you can rank number one on Google without breaking the bank. Begin implementing these changes todayyour budget will thank you!


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