How to Prepare Your Home For a Roof Replacement

A well-constructed roof can last a good 30 years before you need roof replacement. That’s why working with the best roof replacement company and selecting the best materials for your climate is a great investment for any homeowner.

If your north Texas roof is damaged or reaching the end of its lifespan, Najars Roofing is ready to help with our top-notch roof replacement services. All you need to do is schedule your appointment and prepare your home ahead of time.

What steps can you take to make sure that everything is ready for a full or partial roof replacement?

Read on for a handy guide to home preparation steps to take before roof replacement.

Cover or Relocate Valuables on the Top Floor or Attic

Dust and debris inevitably accumulate during roof removal and replacement. The top floor of your home, whether you have an attic or a renovated top floor, is the most exposed during this process.

We suggest that you cover or relocate any valuables you have on this top level of your home. This makes clean-up significantly easier and ensures that you won’t lose anything precious during roof replacement.

Remove Breakables From the Walls

An additional protective measure you can take in your home is to remove breakables from the walls. This includes picture frames with glass panels, delicate objects on hanging shelves, wall clocks, etc.

The reason for this is that when your roof is under construction, there may be some shaking or vibrations in the walls. It’s unlikely that this movement will be strong enough to knock anything from the walls, but better safe than sorry, we always say!

Clear Your Yard of Valuable or Obstructive Objects

Take a sweep of your front and backyard and move any valuable or obstructive objects to the garage or shed. It’s safer for us to work on a property that is clean and clear. It’s safer for your belongings to be moved when debris and supplies like nails or shingles could fall from above.

Take a few minutes to relocate objects like grills, patio furniture, and outdoor toys or sporting equipment. We also recommend moving small planters and flowerpots away from the immediate exterior of your home.

Prepare Your Lawn and Vegetation

The day before your roof replacement appointment, we suggest mowing your lawn. When the grass is short and uniform, it makes it easier to perform a sweep of the area in search of things like stray nails.

If you have any trees that have branches growing over your roof, we ask that you have those branches trimmed back. This makes it safer and easier for us to work up there and install your new roof.

Locate and Test Exterior Outlets

Ideally, we will rely on some of your exterior outlets in order to power our tools. If your home does not have exterior outlets, we can also use any outlets in your garage.

In the weeks leading up to your roof replacement appointment, it is important to locate and test those accessible outlets. Common electrical issues may need to be addressed before our arrival to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Remove Antennae and Satellite Dishes

If you have antennae or satellite dishes on your roof, you will want to remove them before your appointment. You may need to talk to your internet, phone, or cable service provider about the best way to disconnect this equipment.

When your new roof is installed and ready to go, we suggest that you forgo roof-mounted equipment. Instead, ask your utility company about pole-mounted antennae or satellite dishes installed next to the roof. Satellite dishes, in particular, can often cause issues like leaking.

Clear the Driveway

On the day of your appointment, we ask that you clear out the driveway to make room for our service vehicles. When we are able to park in your driveway, we have quick access to our service vehicles, where we store materials and tools that we will need to use throughout the day.

If possible and applicable, we also recommend that you keep your garage door closed. This will help to keep any dust or debris out of your garage.

Prepare Kids, Pets, and Neighbors

While roof replacement is underway, it is of the utmost importance that children and pets stay out of the yard. As we mentioned earlier, there is always the possibility that supplies and materials can fall from the roof during this kind of project. It is safest for everyone if the yard remains clear, especially of your little ones.

Out of consideration, you should prepare your neighbors ahead of time. Roof replacement can take several hours and it isn’t exactly a quiet job! Letting your neighbors know what to expect and when will allow them to plan their day accordingly.

Najars Roofing Is Here to Handle Your North Texas Roof Replacement

Is your roof showing worsening signs of wear and tear? Are you approaching or surpassing that 30-year mark? If so, it’s time to get ready for roof replacement, and Najars Roofing is here to handle all of your north Texas roofing needs.

Do you want to find out more about our services or the roofing materials we offer? Would you like to request a free quote before scheduling your roof replacement appointment? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about roof replacement and other roofing services we provide.


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