How Much Does Emergency Tree Removal Really Cost?

How Much Does Emergency Tree Removal Really Cost?

Did you know that there are over three trillion trees on our planet?

Despite there being so many trees, we also tend to cut a lot of them down. Every year, it is estimated that 15 billion trees are chopped down.

However, there are times when removing a tree becomes an emergency. If this happens on your property, you may be curious as to what the cost of tree removal in Dallas is.

What do you need to know about emergency tree removal costs? This guide breaks it down.

Tree Size

One of the biggest factors as to how much tree removal will cost is the size of the tree. Normally, trees are placed in three different size categories.

You have small trees that are under 30 feet. Then, you have medium trees that range from 30 to 70 feet. Then, you have large trees that are over 70 feet.

Obviously, if you have to remove a larger tree, a tree removal company is going to need more resources and is going to have to take more precautions. As a result, you can expect the price to increase if you have to remove a larger tree.

Tree Condition

Another thing that you need to consider is what kind of condition the tree is in. You may have an unhealthy tree that needs to be removed for the sake of your home and the other trees surrounding it.

While it can constitute an emergency, it still may end up being easier to remove this type of tree compared to a healthy tree. The reason for this is that unhealthy trees tend to have a weaker core.

As a result, they are not as likely to put up as much resistance compared to a normal tree. This makes it easier to chop it down, and it could take less energy to remove it.

If it ends up being an easier removal job, it is likely going to cost you less.

Surrounding Area

Finally, you have to consider what type of surrounding area the tree is in. Has it fallen over with plenty of space to remove it? If so, this is likely an easy tree removal job, and it should not add up to much money.

The same goes for if you have a rural home with a tree far away from any property. There are not many obstacles in the way here, thus saving time and effort.

Where this can add up is if you have to remove a larger tree in a more suburban neighborhood. Houses can become obstacles along with any wiring in the neighborhood. As a result, tree removal companies will have to use more resources, and more time will be spent on this.

Get Emergency Tree Removal

These are three of the biggest factors for the cost of emergency tree removal. You need to think about how large the tree you have to remove is, what type of condition the tree is in, as well as what kind of surrounding area the tree is in.

Do you need an emergency tree removal? Message GreenPine Tree Service today.

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