How Long Do Roofs Last in Texas?

A roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll put into your home. So you’d like to know that it will last a while, especially when you’re laying down thousands of dollars.

Exactly how long do roofs last in Texas? After all, Texas isn’t the kindest environment. The lone star state has cities with the highest temperatures in the country.

The intense Texas sun can wreak havoc on a roof, but does that mean it doesn’t last as long as a standard roof? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the lifespan of a roof and what factors affect it.

How Long Do Roofs Last?

Typically, roofs last anywhere from 15 to 50 years, depending on the material of the roof and the conditions it sustains daily. This means a Texas roof replacement timeline looks a little different than other roof replacement timelines.

Strong Texas winds and strong UV radiation mean that your asphalt roof leans more toward the 15 to 20-year mark as opposed to the hopeful 30-year mark. If you have a tile roof, you can hope for a longer duration. The same goes for a wood shingle roof since Texas heat tends to facilitate the dry conditions that allow the wood to last for a long time.


Several factors play a role in the lifespan of a roof. Where you live, how you care for your roof, and what materials make up your roof all play into how long your roof will last you. You can’t forget the fact, too, that Texas roofs have to sustain both tornados and hurricanes.


Harsh conditions like searing heat, constant wind, driving rain and hail, and even salt play into the longevity of a roof. Only Florida is further south than Texas as far as US states go. So it invites some of the warmest weather.

Because of the harsh Texas environment, homeowners need to select the right materials for their roofing to ensure it lasts. The wrong type of materials will lead to problems down the road.

Maintenance and Ventilation

Conducting regular maintenance can expand the life of your roof. Go up to your roof every year and walk around. Look for damages caused by everyday wear and tear like curled or cracked shingles.

If you feel like you have some soft portions of your roof as you walk around, call in an expert to examine the problems further.

When the experts come in to inspect your roof, have them check your ventilation in the process. A compromised ventilation system causes excess moisture and heat to build up in your home. Ultimately, if you let moisture go, it will cause mold and potentially debilitating mold illness.


Even the best roofs have a lifespan. You can live in the perfect environment, with no extreme cold or heat and no extreme weather. You could even care well for your roof, giving it some love and TLC every year.

Even with the perfect conditions and care, a roof will need replacing eventually. You can hope for a basic composition shingle roof to last 12 to 20 years. The more sophisticated clay tile roof will last much longer, even up to 100 years.


Even then, it will age and fall apart because nothing truly lasts in this world. The age combined with the material work together to determine the lifespan of the roof. Here are the basic lifespan expectations of a roof depending on the material.

  • Composition shingles last 12 to 20 years
  • Wood shingles or shakes last 30 to 50 years
  • Rubber roofs last 30 to 50 years
  • Slate roofs last 60 to 100 years
  • Clay tiles last 100 or more years

Some materials just last longer than other materials do. Each roofing material has its own unique characteristics. Since each material has its own unique composition, each one will also have its own lifespan.

  • Asphalt shingles: many people choose asphalt shingles because they are cost-effective and durable. They can withstand flowing water, heat, and strong winds, but they have one of the lowest lifespans of modern roofing, with a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.
  • Standing seam metal roof: Metal roofing works well for low-pitched roofs and creates a cool, modern look. It resists high wind and strong rain and lasts 35 to 50 years.
  • Slate and clay tile roofs: this stone roof is one of the most resilient roof materials, lasting up to 100 years resisting heavy rain, high wind, and severe hailstorms. Slate is heavy, though, as is all stone tile, and it requires a sturdy roof to withstand the weight.

When you choose the materials for your roof, you also, in a sense, choose how long your roof will last. A more costly investment results in a longer-lasting roof. But not all roofing materials work on any roof.

An experienced roofing contractor will let you know what type of material works best on your home or building.

When Do I Need a Roof Replacement?

Now that you know what affects the lifespan of your roof, you have to ask yourself if you need a roof replacement. There are telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a new roof.

  • Age: if your roof has aged beyond the lifespans mentioned above, it’s time to bring in a contractor to assess your roof
  • Wear: if you’ve found asphalt granules in your gutters or around your home, bring in a contractor to inspect the roof
  • Leaks: if you have drips coming from your ceiling or stained walls because water has breached your roof, it’s time for roof replacement

These are three basic indicators. If your roof recently went through a massive weather event like a hurricane or a wind storm, have your roof inspected immediately. Your homeowner’s insurance will not cover something that happened months ago.

Inspect and Review

You should understand the basics of the question “how long do roofs last” now. Take time to conduct a personal inspection of your roof to check its health. If you find problems, call in the roofing experts.

We can help. Our family-owned, local roofing company has served the Dallas and Fort Worth area for many years. We help Dallas Fort Worth homeowners recover peace of mind when we replace their roof and help them with their insurance claims.

Contact us today. We will inspect your roof and give you an honest estimate.

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