7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Roofing Companies

The average roof in America is designed to last 30 years. That means that once or twice in your lifetime, you’ll need to embark on a roof replacement project.

A new roof is a big-ticket purchase. Homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area spend about $7,300  on average to get the roof installed. When you’re spending that much money on a project, you want to make sure that everything goes right.

A huge part of a successful roofing project entails working with the right roofing contractor. But with a staggering 108,861 roofing contractors in the US as of 2021, choosing roofing companies that suit your needs perfectly is easier said than done.

In today’s post, we help you take the guesswork out of the game when considering options for roofers. Here are eight factors to consider so you make the right decision.

1. Contractor License

The very first question you need to ask your potential roofing contractor is whether they’re properly licensed to work in your area. Having the right legal documents is a contractor’s first proof of credibility.

If your prospective contractor seems reluctant to prove they’re licensed, it’s a huge red flag. Move on to another contractor.

2. Insurance

Besides holding a valid license, it’s also important that your roofing contractor be appropriately insured. Top roofing contractors understand that accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, they go out of their way to protect their clients by carrying enough insurance if the unexpected happens during construction.

If you work with an uninsured company, you’re exposing yourself to huge risks. For example, if a worker gets injured or your property is damaged in the course of the roofing project, you may have to pay for the resulting expenses out of your pocket.

3. Contractor’s Reputation

A contractor’s reputation is the clearest indicator of what kind of experience you can expect to have with them. Generally, you want to work with a roofing company with a reputation for delivering on its promises.

Ask your prospective roofing contractor for a list of clients they’ve worked with in the past. Then, call two or three of these clients to determine the kind of impression the contractor made on them. You can also read online customer reviews to see what previous clients have to say about the roofing company.

If previous clients generally seem satisfied with the contractor’s services, chances are that you too will be happy working with them.

4. Contractor’s Experience

Once your roof starts giving you problems, you want a roofing contractor with sufficient roof repair experience to fix the issues once and for all. When you’re replacing the roof entirely, you need to look for an extensively experienced contractor in installing new roofs.

Ask your potential roofing expert how many years they’ve been in the industry. A roofing contractor with at least five years of experience is a good fit.

Besides being around for a considerable amount of time, it’s also important that you work with a roofing contractor who has an impressive track record. Of course, that means the contractor must have a long list of satisfied customers.

5. Location

Working with a contractor who’s based in your local area can have many benefits. One of them is that it’s easier to find people you know who have worked with the contractor and can give you an idea of what to expect from the contractor.

Moreover, a local contractor is more likely to be familiar with the building codes in your area. That means you won’t encounter legal problems with local authorities.

Besides, it’s easier to reach a local roofing contractor in case things go wrong.

6. Communication

Clear communication is essential when you’re working with a roofing contractor. A contractor who communicates well demonstrates that they understand exactly what you need and can provide good results.

You also want your contractor to keep you updated on the project’s progress. It’s also important that the contractor makes it easy for you to reach them whenever you have roofing issues that need urgent attention.

7. Warranty

No matter how experienced a contractor is, things can still go wrong in or after the project. To avoid mishaps on your side, it’s best to work with a contractor who offers a service warranty.

A warranty shows that your potential contractor is confident in their work. It also protects you from having to pay for the fixing of errors made by your roofing contractor. As long as the warranty is still valid, your roofing contractor will have no problem fixing roofing problems that arise from mistakes they may have committed during the roof installation.

8. Cost

Roofing contractors charge differently for their services. That’s why comparing roofing fees is a good move when selecting the right contractor for you. Generally, you want to stick with a contractor whose fees are within your set budget.

Get at least three quotes from roofing installers. Then, go through the quotes to understand what exactly you’re paying for, and choose a quote that you’re most comfortable with.

Beware of roofing contractors who charge rock-bottom prices to lure clients. Such prices may point to low-quality service or hidden charges. What you want is to hire a seasoned contractor at a reasonable price.

Choosing Roofing Companies Shouldn’t Be a Difficult Endeavor

For many homeowners, choosing roofing companies perfectly suited for the job can seem like a tough affair. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. All you need is to know which qualities to look for in a roofing contractor before you hire them.

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