5 Questions to Ask Your Potential DUI Attorney

5 Questions to Ask Your Potential DUI Attorney

Did you know that in 2016, more than a million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

If you’ve picked up a DUI charge, then we strongly advise that you hire a DUI lawyer.

Choosing the right DUI attorney is a very important decision. How can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

Read on as we look at some key questions to ask your potential DUI attorney in Austin.

1. What Is Your DUI History?

If you’re looking for the best DUI attorney then you want someone with experience.

Ask about their history with DUI cases. If they don’t have that much experience, they’re unlikely to be the best choice. Look for an attorney who has plenty of experience in this field.

2. Do You Specialize?

Many lawyers cover a wide range of different types of cases. The downside of this is that their expertise is spread thin since they don’t focus on any particular type of case.

Ideally you want an attorney who specializes in DUI cases, as they will have the highest level of knowledge and expertise.

3. Can You Tell Me About Some Past Cases?

A good way to ensure you’re making the right choice when you hire a DUI attorney is to ask them about past cases.

A good DUI lawyer will be able to talk you through any number of past cases and tell you about the positive outcomes that those cases have had. If your attorney stumbles over this question and isn’t really sure what to say, it’s a good sign that they’re not the right choice for you.

4. What Is My Likely Outcome?

Even the best DUI lawyer can’t predict the future.

It’s impossible to say for certain what the outcome of any legal case will be, but a good, experienced DUI attorney should have a reasonable idea of how your case will play out. 

If an attorney tells you that they know for sure what will happen in your case, this is a big red flag.

5. What Are Your Fees?

Finally, you need to know what all of this is going to cost you.

Be wary, however. The most expensive DUI lawyer won’t necessarily be the best DUI lawyer. On the flip side, it’s probably not advisable to just go for the cheapest option. After all, there will be a reason why they’re charging less than everyone else.

Find the best lawyer you can afford based on the questions above as well as your own gut feeling.

Are You Looking for a DUI Attorney in Austin?

If you need a DUI attorney in Austin then we’re here to help. 

We’re a Texas law firm focused on criminal and DUI defense. We have five offices throughout Texas: Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Allen, and Austin. James Fletcher, JD is the Senior Trial Attorney at the Austin office.

Born and raised in Texas, James Fletcher, Attorney, practices DUI and Criminal Defense Law in Austin, as well as the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to hire your DWI Austin attorney.

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