5 Challenges To Try With Your Lover

5 Challenges To Try With Your Lover

In sexuality  there are always new and innovative ideas and gadgets. Fortunately, there are sex toys for and other fun games for all tastes. New Fine Arts has 5 challenges that you should try out with your partner and spark things up.

You will agree with us that sex is fun, but it is also a powerful communication channel capable of strengthening the bond with your lover. So, why not try new things that will not only make you feel pleasure, but also improve your relationship?

  1.     Whether you’ve already enjoyed sex toys in bed, or it’s your first time, the adult toy industry is always innovating so there are new toys on the market that you may not have tried yet. And of course, there are those for couples. Summer is coming so you can try some waterproof toys or if you are more daring and don’t just want to use the classic vibrator, try a cock ring, an anal plug or a clitoris stimulator. These are just a few options, but you can find hundreds of adult toys in any of the 3 New Fine Arts stores in DFW.
  2.     To eroticize your mind and look for new adventures to live as a couple, you can take an erotic movie as a little help. The idea is to be able to watch as a couple an erotic movie that will make you jump off the couch to become real Hollywood stars. You might just like to watch the movie to start getting into the mood but if you dare, you can become the actress or actor of your own movie, imitate some of what happens or create a new one using your imagination. At New Fine Arts we have a great selection of movies for adults , so you already have a new plan for this weekend.
  3.     Propose to your partner the game of fantasies. Each person chooses an erotic fantasy they want to share with their lover and sends a suggestive audio in which they explain it in detail to their partner. Don’t leave anything out! The ones you like the most can come true. There are no limits here but remember that it is important that you both agree on many things, for example if it is about BDSM, try to talk about it before with your partner. Surprise him/her with that sexy outfit, that surprise trip or only you will set the limit of that fantasy you want to try in your relationship.
  4.     A sexy video call using a remote sex toy that your partner can control from their phone will surely turn on the mood. There are already smart toys on the market that can be controlled from a distance and from the comfort of your phone. Don’t be afraid of technology and use it in your favor.
  5.     Sometimes it is worthwhile to leave penetration aside and pamper other parts of the body with different practices. After all, as we have said on other occasions, caresses, cuddles, and kisses are part of sex. So… enjoy! Get to know your body and your partner’s body, how it reacts to your caresses. You will use this to your advantage in future intimate relationships because you will already know your partner’s weak points.

 The important thing is to enjoy sexuality in a responsible and creative way. Think of all the things you would like to do with your partner and if you need extra help go to New Fine Arts  where you will exploit your creativity.

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